Who Am I ?

Hello, my name is Yigit. I am a 17 year old student in Denizli Erbakir Science High School(Turkey) who is passionate into games and other visual mediums.

My Goals ?

Because of my passion and love for games, I want to specialize in game design and want to become a talented game designer.

What I Do ?

Since from my childhood, I always interested in computers. So I started to learn programming when I was 11 years old. My journey into programming started with Java and now continues with C# and Python. I learned how to make games with many Game Engines like “Game Maker Studio” , “RPG Maker VX” and “Unity”. In highschool, I attended many competitions and many projects with my team “TETRAPOD” but they are more focused on engineering and programming. In April 19-21, 2019 my team organized “Europe’s First Highschool Hackathon Event: Hackapod”. However, I didn’t allowed myself to stop developing my skills as a game designer candidate. I participated many Game Jams like “Global Game Jam”, published a mobile game called “NEON” to the Google Play Store. I am still making games for learning more.

What Is GDD ?

Game Design Diary is website/blog about game design. This website is a tool for me to track my progress and improve my skills along the way. This blog is not aiming to be professional, it aims to be more personal and more friendly. My goal is not about giving you professional arguments and thoughts about game design, yet I am more focused on writing my own thoughts and my observations in that topic. I am in only just starting point in a very long road. So, my opinions may not reflect facts or wise arguments. I want to write in this blog what I learned, what I played and what I think. Thank you for your kindness, see you in my blog… 

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